Sunday, March 31, 2013

Where did March go?

Well, March is over and not much writing... although mental plotting has progressed, but still... I like it better when words fill up the pages! I guess two of our kids having two separate Spring break weeks, then a week in San Antonio for oldest son's graduation from AF Basic training sorta cut into writing time. So, now that all that wonderful "kid time" is over, I hope to be writing away in April. I've joined the "accountability thread" over on the Harlequin writing community- so really a NANO in April, like Christmas in July? I set a goal of 55k for the month, so if I round up a little that's 1835 words/day. My main problem is that I'm an 'edit as I go' type of writer. I have trouble turning off the inner editor which slows me down. So, after word count, that will be my secondary goal-- to write without inhibition. My theme for the month is a quote from Nora Roberts: "You can't edit an empty page." Giddy Up.

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