Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why can't I just write?

I mean the creative part. I know. If it was easy, everyone would be a published author. BUT...I remember the first manuscript I finished. It seemed like such an accomplishment and the creative process so energizing and fun. You know, you writer people you--when your characters won't leave you alone and you wake up with a solution to a plot problem, or you get a great idea in the shower? Yes, all that fun stuff. So, now the fun stuff is over and I'm working my way through the synopsis, query letter (long, short, really really short) and pitch and this part is soooo not fun. I've got my next manuscript started... a few chapters in, but I told myself no more of the fun stuff until I've finished the s, q, and p on the first. Arrrgh. Must finish.

And a short pet peeve. The expression, 'Don't have fun without me!' drives me up a wall. I first noticed it watching the Barefoot Contessa on Food Network. She seems to say it a lot, or a variation of it, "Don't have too much fun without me!" What? Why not? And what's 'too much?' What should people do when you leave? Stop and wait? Discuss only very serious things until you return? I don't get this expression. I want my friends and family to have fun when I'm not around as much as I want to have fun when I'm with them. Sorry. It bugs me when I hear it. That is all.