Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Space to Write

For the past few years I haven't had my own "space" to write. No desk (the kitchen table is too tall to type comfortably.) My husband uses the small office, since he often works from home. So, I've been writing from the couch, in the midst of an active, busy, loud family. Did I say loud? Wouldn't have it any other way-- but it does sometimes interfere with creativity. I'm right there, sitting in the family room on the couch, so my family will just start talking to me, not knowing that my character is at the crucial point of deciding if she should punch the hero or grab him and kiss him.

Anywhoodles. We are finishing our basement and I will finally have  a real space to write. All my own. It even has a door. That I can close. I wonder if I can write when it's quiet... And I'll have a desk which will take some adjusting to because I have been writing for years with my laptop...on my lap. Seriously.

The last thing I need once the room is finished and desk moved in, is a bed for our dog, Bella. I know lots of writers have their cats stretched out across their monitors or laps, but not this girl. Bella doesn't like to be alone. She's part of our pack. When my husband is out of the house (he's her favorite pack member) then I'm the "go-to" human in the house. So, I'll need to get her a bed to hang out on when she's helping me write. Pretty. Darn. Excited. Me, that is. Bella, not as much.

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