Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life Lesson: Have a Trusted Car Mechanic

Car story: So, my car was swallowed by a pot hole almost a year ago, and turns out it created A LOT of damage to the undercarriage. A few thousand dollars which our car insurance covered (hello higher rates!) But, the dealio was that we had to go get it fixed at a specific place. Fine. We did. Got the car back and it started making a funny clunking noise. My husband thought, well weird timing, but maybe the car needs new engine mounts (we bought the car used with 30k miles on it a few years ago.) He thought he'd get around to it in the fall, but the more we drove the car...the worse the clunking noise became. Every time you start or stop the car. Clunk. We put 5k miles on the car since the shop our insurance company sent us to did the work. Heck, our twins drove it to Biloxi, MS to help deliver #1 son's car to him at AF Tech School.

Anyway, finally the noise got so bad it was worrisome. So, we took it back to the insurance's mechanic and he said, "Yeah, probably need new engine mounts." But he didn't look underneath the car in case it was something they did. So, we took it to our trusted mechanic. (Daryl @ Frantz Automotive is the Bomb!) Apparently, the engine mounts are fine. What they did find is that every nut and bolt the insurance's mechanic touched for the repair was loose. Some were even missing. If we had kept driving it, eventually the undercarriage would have fallen off and the engine fallen out. Niiice. That is my scary car story of the day.

On Writing: I have got to pick up the pace! Dude, maybe I need to finish August with a 'book in a week' kind of marathon to meet my goal. Or pull and all-nighter like in college. Maybe I should stop this post and go write!

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