Monday, August 5, 2013

Location, Location, Location

My writing fell a little short of my daily goal yesterday. Rats. Part of the problem is location, location, location. Until our basement project is finished (where I will have a small office with a door!) I write on the couch in the living room. The living room is connected to the kitchen, so whenever anyone is getting a meal (aka all the time) they just start talking to me, even if I am typing away. So while I was working I had to keep stopping to talk, answer questions, ask questions, commiserate with two sick kids, laugh at the silly eternally happy child (everyone should have one of these) and discuss schedules with my husband who was prepping for a few days away on business.

Even the dog, Bella, was talking to me. I am her caregiver (even though my husband is her favorite human) so she turns to me for her daily medicine, food, water, and when she needs to go outside. The way she lets me know she has to go outside is to come in the room I am in and stare at me. If I miss that sign (which is hard because she has a powerful stare) then she will nudge me with her nose or bite at the air in front of her while dancing her two front paws. (That means she's reached critical stage and she must go outside NOW.)

Anyhow, all of that went on yesterday and impacted my writing. I also must confess, I had trouble getting started when it was quiet in the morning before everyone woke up. So, I'm hoping for better today. In fact, I should get to writing right now before the sick teenagers wake up. But first, I need my second cup of coffee. Uh, oh. Bella's heading my way...

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