Monday, August 12, 2013

My Mom's Wisteria

My mom had a wisteria plant that she grew in our back yard growing up. My dad put in two decorative 3 board fence pieces with an arch between for the wisteria to grow up and over. It was gorgeous. So, after my mom passed away, my sister Annie was able to go dig up some of the pieces of the plant before my dad sold the house. She brought it to me in NC. I planted it at the base of a pine tree and then eventually we also built a wooden structure for it to grow up and over. Wow, the wisteria took off and eventually went all the way up the pine tree and across the board. Then last year we sold that house and moved. My husband grabbed a few pieces of the plant and stuck them at the base of a few trees while our house was being built. Out of the 3-4 pieces he planted, one is doing great! Except, if you know anything about wisteria, you'll know it is a very, very hardy and strong plant. It can be destructive, so you have to choose where you plant it carefully.

The problem is that when we threw the plant in the ground (just to keep it alive during the building process) our septic field was slated to go in the back yard. Well, that changed at the last minute. You can see where this is going, right? So, now this beautiful, beginning-to-thrive wisteria plant is right on the edge of the septic field. Wisteria + pipes from septic field= not good. So, it must be moved this fall. We'll probably move it to the other side of the driveway, and put in a few decorative 3 board fence pieces to grow on, plus use the fence to place a few solar lights for driveway lighting at night. (Our driveway is very dark at night. Country living.)
 I also need to find more deer-resistant plants. Did I already complain about the clematis they stripped? And my hydrangea bush? And the daisies? Well, no more plants until we research this. I don't mind feeding the deer when it's a drought or tough winter, but come on deer, it's a lush rainy summer. There is plenty to eat without acting like locusts in our garden.

On Writing: I posted this yesterday, but meant for it to show up under today's post. Anywhoodles, Good writing day yesterday. I need a few more 2k + days to get back on track.
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