Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Chicks are Back in the Nest

Everyone had an over-the-top fun week and arrived home safely. The two conference-goers are a little grumpy from the colds they picked up and lack of sleep (averaged 4 hrs sleep/night...oh to be young again.) Hopefully a few nights of good sleep will fix the grumpiness.

On writing...I met my wc goal yesterday, but I'm not digging how the chapter is turning out. It feels a little choppy. And it's short. So, I may have to revisit it. This book is actually a sequel to the book I just submitted after the on-line pitch. The submitted manuscript, Bringing Delaney Home, is the story of Delaney Lyons and Quinn Cates. Quinn has four brothers (you knew he would!) The current WIP, working title Why Can't This Be Love?, is about another brother.

What I keep forgetting in this book is that even though I know what all the characters and small town is like, it must be laid out each time in each book. In case 1) a reader hasn't read the first book 2) a reader doesn't read the books in order 3) the first book never gets published. But the trick also, I think, is to do it with a light hand so as not to annoy a reader who has been following along.

Another thing with writing a series is keeping track of all the characters descriptions. I have a chart, but need to update it. Especially because one of the brothers changed eye color on me from the first to the second book. He had to, so I forgive him. As his personality developed over the course of both books, it kind of demanded it, but now I will have to go back to the submitted manuscript and change it there.

So, it's Sunday. For some reason, with the kids gone all week, my days are off and yesterday felt like a Sunday. Today I will write, vacuum (you can only put this job off for so long with a Golden in the house), spend time with the family, maybe even squeeze in a family dinner before they start to scatter off to work and their friends. Enjoy the second half of the weekend!

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