Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Puppy-Brother has an Accident

...a potty accident at the vet, that is. I took Bella (aka the puppy-brother) to the vet yesterday in an attempt to get a "sterile" urine sample hoping to find the best antibiotic for her UTI. By sterile sample, I mean they will take it straight from her bladder with a needle. Ouch. My job was to get Bella there with a full bladder. Of course, the vet called to talk to me just after I had taken Bella outside where she had peed. So, we waited around the house for a few hours where I pushed water like I was the "ShamWow" guy. But wait. There's more. So, we arrive at the vet and I have to race Bella in the front door so she can't stop and smell and pee in the grass out front (like all dogs normally do.) So, to review: my job: get Bella to vet @ 4:30 with a full bladder. Check. Guess what happens to a dog with a full bladder when the vet is running behind schedule? Yes. She. Did. Right on their tile floor. I tried to cut her off as soon as I saw her squat. So, they ended up doing a quick ultrasound to see if there was anything else in her bladder, because why stick her for nothing, right? Apparently, there was enough. Test done. Now we wait until next week for results. Thankfully they were able to start her on a standard antibiotic so she's not in pain anymore. Here is photo of Bella after she treed a squirrel.

On writing: No writing yesterday as I was taking care of our puppy. Today, I got a little writing done. I'm still ending up rather short on my August Writing Goal. If I write 1,000 words for the last 3 days in August, I'm still about 13.5k short of my goal. Grrr. Not a huge deal, but I am thinking of using this manuscript for SYTYCW13, so I need to finish it. And need time for editing. Yikes. The contest opens on the 9/23 so I'm already cutting it close. Although, you only need the first chapter and the 100 word pitch to start. I wonder if you make the cut and get asked to send in your ms, do you need a synopsis also? Oooh, that will take time to write, too. I wish I wrote/created faster. I read an interview with an author this week (name escapes me. Sorry.) who said she usually writes 20-25 pages/ day. Wow. That's between 5k-over 6k/ day. Every day. Must. Be. Nice.

AWG: DWC: 1,191 TWC: 38,511

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