Friday, August 9, 2013

Tomorrow Is Another Day...

Yesterday did shopping for #2 daughter's college dorm. This year she is living "suite" style with friends. Do you know how much 4 girls "need" to live for four months??? I do not think these girls would make it on Survivor. (Is that even a show anymore?)

I also got caught up in my on-line Scrivener class yesterday. I tried Scrivener's tutorial first, but it was a little intimidating, so moved on to the lecture from the class. Then we had a live Q&A session last night. I think I have the basics, but as one commenter here mentioned, I probably won't import my WIP, which means I'll have to start planning/pre-writing my next book in order to practice with the program this weekend.

The other 5 day on-line class I'm taking through RWA wraps up today. Lots of great info, but that was just a matter of wading through lots of emails/posts.

On writing: Not a good day. I just didn't have enough time for writing yesterday. On a positive note, it wasn't a zero wc-- just awful close. Other than take our dog Bella to the vet, I'm hoping to have a big chunk of writing time today. Onward. Tomorrow Today is another day.

AWG: DWC: 251 TWC: 20,343

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