Saturday, August 10, 2013

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program...

...In order to clean the house. Yes, we have reached critical mass. When tumbleweeds of my dog Bella's hair begin to roll is time. I have been cheating a little this week. In order to grab more time writing, I've skipped some of the normal house chores...dusting (let's be honest, I don't dust "regularly" anyway), vacuuming, laundry. You get the idea. My husband was away on business for the week, so "I had the shot, there was no danger, so I took it." But now I look around and ugh. So, a little time cleaning is in order. But I will wait until everyone is awake so I can blast music and have help cleaning too.

On writing: I predict at the pace I'm going I won't meet my goal of 50k unless I start having a few 2k days. Soon.
AWG: DWC: 1,221 TWC: 21,564

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