Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby Chicks!

We went to the local feed store this morning. I love that place! Now that we moved out to the country (over a year ago) we have these fun stores. Lots of salons and restaurants run out of people's houses in town. It's so sweet. Very old-fashioned in a sense since the fast growing town we used to live in had lots of rules against this kind of thing.

Anyway, now that we live in the country, we live where people have horses, livestock, chickens etc. They have baby chicks at the feed store! So cute!

One day we might get chickens for fresh eggs, but not today. Today we got some grain-free dog food for the Bella-dog. There are other Addison's dogs that have GI problems with some grain-based foods, and since we're trying to narrow down why she gets sick, we decided to try new food. Happily, she loves the new food! But now we'll wait to see if it makes her tummy feel better so she doesn't have to keep eating grass the way she does. She's still being treated for a UTI, but after the round of antibiotics is done, if that didn't clear it up then the vet said we need to do an ultrasound for stones. It's always something, but we love her.

On writing: I am still working on my 100 word pitch. (Insert eye roll here.) I did a little more editing on my first chapter. There is something about entering a contest that makes me look at my writing with more unbiased eyes. My problem with the 100 word pitch is fitting everything in that is needed, keeping it clear, and trying to add humor since the pitch is supposed to reflect the tone of the m/s. It's not there yet. Maybe not even close. I have a very rough draft of my synopsis done, but I'm trying to get the pitch and first chapter polished first. Okay, back to my pitch because it is not writing itself.

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