Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"By all These Lovely Tokens September Days are Here,"

"With summer's best of weather
And autumns' best of cheer."       
Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885
I love, love, love September and Fall. I love the cooler weather, yet not cold like winter. I love the wind that whips up, unlike the stagnant hot air in summer. And I love the muted colors and sounds, so different from spring.
Okay, more specific September Goals:
#1 Finish WIP. I'm at 44k. So about 11k to go to reach minimum of 55k. I ALWAYS add more in the editing process because I have to go back and add more narrative and action/speech tags.
#2 Regular exercise. Get back to lifting weights. Maybe add in some walking, and if my knees and hips can take it....dare I try to run again?
#3 Clean the sugar and wheat out of the diet for September. 
#4 Revisit YA manuscript. When WIP/romance is done, it needs to sit, untouched so I can have some distance from it to better edit/critique it. During this time, I want to pull out my complete YA. I think it's got some great stuff there, just maybe it needs a different beginning?
#5 Decide on whether or not to enter SYTYCW13. I will only have two full romance m/s to choose from, so decide if I'm entering in time to write 100 word pitch and edit.
#6 If I get all of that done....then begin thinking about next book in my Climax series. Which brother is next...?
On Writing: A good day of writing. Getting closer. I should probably just accept that I am not the kind of writer that can pound out 5k words/day and be happy with a daily output. Oh, well, should be a fun scene to write next. My h/H go to the pound looking for a puppy...yeah, you can probably guess what happens.
SWG: DWC: 1,903 TWC: 44,177


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