Monday, September 9, 2013

Feeling Good Eating Healthy

I know. I know. I've never really talk much about food in here. Other than our BBQ smoker experience. This isn't a food blog, but a writing blog. But, today I feel so good I feel like sharing. So, today is day 6 of my latest Whole30 (
eliminating sugar, wheat and alcohol from my diet. Once I get through the "carb flu" (your body's reaction to transitioning from using mainly carbs to burning mostly protein and fats) then it's amazing how much clearer my brain feels. It's pretty amazing. I even feel more creative. My husband and I have been eating primal for over two years now. Not 100%, but maybe 90/10.

The Whole30 is a very strict way of eating that really cleanses your system and gets you back to the basics. I have probably done a year's worth of Whole30's over the last two years, and stick to mainly a primal diet in between. Really, the main difference for us is the Whole30 is very strict and clean; a little more work in cook prep and planning, although not much once it's your 'way of life.' A primal diet is still a diet based on whole foods: meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruit (minimal), some people include dairy. I cook with coconut flour, almond flour and coconut oil. Still avoiding wheat, except for the occasional loaf of sourdough that is a must in our family. But primal life allows for red wine ;) and a little bit of dark chocolate on occasion.

Anyway, this works for me. The first 13 days of trying anything new are the most difficult. I find once I get through the first 13 days where sugar, the nasty bitch, is calling my name so 'sweetly,' trying to temp me, once I get through that, the sugar cravings go away. Well, so anyway, that's what I'm up to, but if this newsy information about the eating habits of a slightly quirky writer was more than you had signed up, I apologize.

On Writing: I had a very good writing day yesterday. I actually wrote a scene out of order, which is not my preferred method. I really like to write a story from beginning to end. Mainly because new characters appear and turn a story so often, that to me it doesn't make sense to write a scene for the end when I don't even know if my characters will be taking that road by that time of journey, you know? But, I'm pretty close to the end of my WIP and I was unsure of what the next scene "needed" to be, so I went ahead and wrote a scene toward the end (possibly the final scene?) because this showdown had to happen, it was just a matter of where and when. And I still need two more things to happen. So, I'll reread this morning and see if now I can't figure out if those two things can fit in my missing scene.

September Writing Goal:  Daily Word Count: 2,778  Total Word Count: 51,732

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