Sunday, September 8, 2013

Geese Overhead!

It's that time of year again. I was sitting out with Bella and my coffee on the front porch this morning when the first wave of geese flew overhead in formation, honking away. Yay! It's one of those first signs, a harbinger of fall. I. Love. Fall. I think it reminds me of my childhood and running and playing in the woods near our house as a child. I spent so much time there. Sometimes I feel such peace in the woods, other times nostalgic. Often though, it invigorates and renews my optimism. Love the sound of the wind blowing in the treetops, especially deeper into fall when the leaves have turned all the colors of fire and earth. The drier leaves have a different sound quality...crisper, sharper, with an edge of excitement. Is it just me? Or does everyone love fall like I do?

On the "to-do" list...
I did the laundry, and exercised, although the exercise wasn't a quality workout. Sometimes the first few workouts for me are just about showing up. It's only after the first few that my body connects to the muscle memory of movements that it begins to love it again. I have to finish downloading the Scrivener class today, since that will only be accessible for another week or so. I think I'll put the tub of wood putty on my desk next to me, that way I can start that project when I'm brainstorming/thinking during writing or just getting up to give my butt a rest.

On Writing: I'm down to the last 6k, but I might have to cut the scene I wrote yesterday. You know the idea that every scene must move the story forward/have a purpose or cut it? I'm not sure this scene does everything it should for the word count. It could be I need to do this in another scene. But I think I'll write first, then reread yesterday's work and see if it's a scene that moves plot forward or is too stagnant to stay.

SWC: DWC for 9/6: 1,552  DWC for 9/7: 1,219  TWC: 48,954

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