Friday, September 13, 2013

Pardon my Contruction Zone

I'm going to be working on this blog in the next few days trying to add pages, but since I'm not super techno savvy I guarantee it will be like any construction/reno project...a chaotic mess before it comes together into a beautiful, more user-friendly website. Some of the pages I add may be blank for a few days while I figure this out. The management thanks you for your patience.

On Writing: I am so close to finishing my WIP. So close, but...I'm having trouble with my final scene. I just can't come up with something that feels "right" for my characters and the book. I can't decide if it's because the ending in my first completed manuscript felt so very right that I was lucky with that one, and I should just write this and it'll be fine....Or, I should keep on mentally torturing myself until I have something better. I've been struggling with this for a for a few days and have concluded that today is the day. I'm just going to write that final scene because:

 #1 You can't edit what you haven't written
 #2 Writing it may spur other ideas.

I am actually 26 words away from my goal of 55k. So, yay! This scene should take a few k of words, and I always add more during the editing process, so this may a m/s that I'll have to pull out a scene since the wc for this line is 55-60k. So, here I go. Roll Tide.

SWG: DWC: 1,597 TWC: 54,974

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