Monday, September 2, 2013

September Goals

Will officially set September goals tomorrow, but obviously #1 is to finish my WIP. On a side note, I finally moved into the new writing space in the basement. I. Love. It. I have a wonderful view of the woods outside our house. The only bad thing is that yesterday, my husband was working on moving the woodpile so it was closer to the house. Apparently, he disturbed a yellow jackets nest. I had a front row seat of the whole thing from the window in my new writing space. It was terrible to watch. By the time I had run upstairs and outside, my poor husband had been stung 6 times. It could have been worse. Threw some Benadryl down his throat, put some baking soda mixed with water on the stings and then ice packs after that. I'm thinking of getting curtains for the room now. (kidding!)

On Writing: Well, my September goal is to finish the rough draft of my WIP, so the last 15k of the m/s. I'm hoping my plot doesn't fall short.
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