Friday, September 20, 2013

So Much To Do...So Little Time

My writing "To-Do" List:
1 Finish the 100 word pitch for my SYTYCW13 entry.
2 Finish synopsis for the same.
3 Go over chapter 1 again.

I still have to finish the last chapter of the m/s, but that is wrap up/ epilogue for the most part. I'm still not positive which of my two manuscripts I will use. The editors say enter your strongest, but I'm not sure I've decided which one that is. The Harlequin editors posted critiques on 22 First Pages yesterday, and the writing level and talent of people is amazing to see. It makes it agonizingly understandable how hard it is to get a book published when there is so much talent out there. Okay, off to tackle my to-do list. But first...more coffee.

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