Thursday, September 26, 2013

These Squirrels Are Killing Me

It's going to be a long fall if the squirrels around us don't get smarter. Now, our dog Bella is not the sharpest crayon in the box. She is the sweetest, but let's just say she won't be on any Amazing Pet Tricks show. So you'd think the squirrels were pretty safe around her. Except I haven't seen such dumb squirrels before. If a dog has treed you, why would you choose that moment to come back down the tree where the dog is waiting? Or, the squirrels will run but instead of running up the nearest tree, they will pass ten trees to get to a certain tree as Bella gets closer. Now, maybe these are really evil-genius squirrels just toying with our sweet, not-so-smart dog. Either's going to make for a looooong fall until they get to hibernating.

On writing: I might have finally fixed my 100 word pitch in the shower this morning. I get some of my best ideas in the shower. Go figure. I've had my pitch done for a few days, but like I said before, I don't love it. So, off to write out my idea and see if it works. I just want to say of the over 200 entries in the So You Think You Can Write 2013 contest so far, there are a lot of great ones. And how great for all these writers to put their writing out there. It's a scary thing, and kudos to all. I plan on getting my chapter up early next week. The pitch has delayed me and then while I was hashing over the pitch I started changing my 1st chapter some more so need to reread and make sure they were good changes.

Edited to say: Yes! I think I have my pitch! 100 words exactly. Says what it needs to say. Aaaaand...I think it has the punch of presentation that was missing up until this version. I'll leave it alone for now while I go run some errands and then work on my 1st chapter. Crossing fingers that when I read it tomorrow I still like it. Whew! I will sum up this pitch odyssey with a quote from My Cousin Vinnie, one of my favorite movies: "I'm done with this guy!"

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