Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today's "To-Do" List

1. Write.
2. Exercise.
3. Download the rest of on-line Scrivener class lectures.
4. Reread health insurance info. Make decision.
5. Vacuum and laundry.
6. Research yellow jackets to see if we need an exterminator.
7. Wood putty the nail holes in trim in writing space.
8. Make egg omelets for daughter #1.  done

On Writing: Good writing day yesterday. I have under 10k to go. Last week I was worried my plot was going to run out of steam before getting to the necessary word count, now I'm worried that I don't have enough space to write the scenes that I need to wrap everything up. Gah! The lighthearted scene I had planned to write yesterday morphed into something more serious and emotional. It was something the h/H had to discuss, I just didn't think they'd do it in this scene. But often the best scenes end up being ones you didn't plan, but the ones the characters insist you write, you know? I still have to reread it this morning to see if it works. And it probably changes where I go next, because I'm pretty sure they're about to jump into bed...

September Writing Goal: DWC: 1,612 TWC: 45,789

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