Monday, October 14, 2013

A Watched Pot...

I am trying to get a few things accomplished instead of obsess over the SYTYCW contest. A few things I am thinking about...

#1 I have a manuscript that I wrote intending it to fall into the romance "series" category. But someone suggested to me that my voice may not "fit" into a series line, so now I have to decide, do I keep trying it for a series line, or set it aside and chalk it up as a learning/ writer growth exercise? Or...behind curtain #3... do I look at the plot and see if I can't add some twist or subplot that could turn it into Single Title worthy book and see if my voice is a better fit there? I think what I'll do is finish the synopsis (I have a rough (think rough enough to get splinters) draft) and see if I don't get any ideas as I do that.

#2 Plotting my next WIP. I have written two manuscripts about two brothers. There are three more brothers. (You knew there would be, right?) So, which brother do I want to write about next...Whichever brother I choose, I am going to work in a standard trope or two for this m/s. My first two m/s haven't really contained or focused on any. So, which trope to do is another question...friends to lovers? Secret baby? Marriage of convenience? What are your favorite tropes? Which tropes am I forgetting?

#3 Our family Christmas letter. I know, I know, I hear you! It's only October! But by default, I am the family Christmas letter writer, and I have failed to write one the last two years. Maybe longer. Life just got too crazy, you know? I think it started when I went back to school to finish my degree. Who wants to write a letter during/after a 16 credit semester where half my classes required me to write multiple papers? Apparently, not this girl. And then our twins graduated high school. And then we decided to move out to the country, so had a house to sell and one to build.  I am determined to write one this year- even if all it says is, "Merry Christmas." That's what I've got cooking. How about you?

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