Monday, October 28, 2013

Feeling the Excitement of NaNo in the Air

On Writing: I was just thinking that the last days of October to writers feel a little like the excitement of kids counting down the days to Christmas. It's so exciting waiting for NaNo to start. Many writers are plotting and planning and there's something special about the feeling of community in participating in NaNo when writing is usually such a solitary endeavor.

Remember in another post I said I wanted to write a standard trope into my next WIP since my first two m/s are a little "different"? I think my brain just doesn't like to conform. I started playing around with the surprise baby/child trope for this next brother, but my brain starts whispering...yes, but make him a virgin. ??? Why would I even think of attempting that? Because I'm guessing most romance readers like their men to know what they're doing in the bedroom. And it would have to be just right or it'll fall flat. I think I'll have to start writing and see what this brother tells me, because I can't just force him to be something he isn't for the shock value. I'll see what happens...

On Life: We had a mini-reunion with family over the weekend in Maryland. Six of the seven siblings and their spouses were able to make it. Yay! And we saw my mom's sister and her husband who are so wonderful but too far away in California. It was great seeing all my brothers and sisters. We may be very different in personalities and lifestyles, but we all love each other and get along. I love that.

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