Tuesday, October 8, 2013

If A Tree Falls In The Woods...

...and no one is awake to hear it, does it make a noise? No. Apparently not. We're experiencing the tail-end of what used to be TS Kate. Rain all day yesterday and gusty winds last night and today. We had a pine tree come down overnight in the front yard. My husband said it was dead, and luckily it fell fine, not taking anything out with it. Just a little clean up with the chain saw this weekend.

Another fun HIMYM episode last night. It is one of the very few TV shows my husband and I watch, and as it's the last season we're making a point to watch each one when it airs. No spoilers. I'll just say this week's was better than last week's.

On Writing: Tomorrow is the last day for entering the SYTYCW2013 contest. There are over 530 entries so far. So many great writers with fun creative ideas. I guess the next thing the public will see is the full top 10 manuscripts which the editors will pick out of their top 50. Those 10 will easily be strong and entertaining based on all the chapters I read, so it'll be fun to read them and root and cheer people on. Wishing good luck to all who entered.

I hope writers who didn't get many comments on their entry don't get discouraged. Honestly, there are just too many entries to even make a dent in reading all of them.  So, comments or no, I hope every writer who entered pats themselves on the back for the accomplishment of writing a manuscript, and then uses this contest as a springboard. Finish polishing the rest of the m/s, get that synopsis written and then send off some query letters and get your work out there. Come on people! I saw lots of great writing in this contest...which means potentially...lots of great romance books!

For me, I think it's time to start brainstorming my next book. As I'm doing that I can probably begin my first round of edits on "Why Can't This Be Love?" That is the m/s I was planning to enter in the SYTYCW contest, but then didn't since it hadn't been through any edits yet. But, silver lining, my first page and first chapter are stronger because I got them ready for the contest. Plus I wrote the 100 word pitch for it too! I've got a (very) rough draft synopsis that I need to finish also.

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