Friday, October 25, 2013

Need More Plot! Cue Evil Sister

On Writing: I'm hoping to get a little of that 13k written today on Why Can't This Be Love? I have one definite idea of where to add to the plot that will add conflict, and hope once I start writing this it will spontaneously morph into something bigger and amazing. That's not too big to hope for, is it? About 1/2 way into my book my h/H are placed into a "forced proximity" situation where they must work together and neither is happy about it. So, in the short version of the m/s my heroine's sister enters the first 1/2 of the book and causes some havoc and then slips away. In the longer version of the m/s, I think the sister is going to join them in their "forced proximity" and cause more havoc, because...why not? Okay. The sister isn't evil. She's just a product of really bad, selfish parenting, but she's about to become a bigger P.I.T.A. for my heroine. This is my writing plan for today.

A few errands and odds and ends today too. I need to go get more "special" food from the vet for the puppy. We're not sure this food is helping her at all, and not even sure of the vet at this point. He's taken care of our puppy since she almost died and was subsequently diagnosed with Addison's disease, but I'm reading things now that do not "jive" with how he is medicating her. I need to do a little more research into this and print a few articles and see if he's willing to read them and either try them or give me a good explanation for why this different way of treatment is bad. But I think I'll start asking around for recommendations for a new vet. Just in case.

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