Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Procrastination is Opportunity's Assassin" (Victor Kiam)

On writing: Today I will hunker down in my writing space in the basement and not come out until I have finished my synopsis for Why Can't This Be Love? AND have a list of a few plot ideas for adding 13k to a manuscript that needs it. That is all.

Went to the North Carolina State Fair yesterday. Went with #1 daughter and her boyfriend and #2 son. Watched a goat competition. Picture the Westminster Dog Show...only with goats. Saw blue ribbon steers, pigs, turkeys, chickens. Baby chicks (so cute!) which they will no longer let you hold. Very sad. Prize winning quilts, cakes, baked goods and jars of pickles. It was fun, but we have decided we are over fair food. Next year we'll go to see all of the above, but save our money for a nice meal somewhere else. I mean how many times do you need to have a fried Twinkie?

 "Some Pig"s

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