Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Writing Sample

    On writing: Just for fun: a sample of my writing. I wrote this as an assignment for a "First Pages" class and hope to turn it into a book when I'm done with my Cates' brothers series. I can't remember exactly, but I think the assignment had to include the heroine coming home after a night of drinking. It definitely gives a taste of the humor I write with.

     “Hey Red, whadda ya say we bump together and make some magic happen.”

     Frankie Hart slowly turned her head toward the offer. Slowly, because the shots of tequila she vaguely remembered throwing back a few hours ago were close to coming back up. The guy sitting next to her looked like he was high on something and it wasn’t life. Grinning at her, revealing his lifelong boycott of dentists he wiggled his eyebrows a few times and then winked. Or had a seizure. She scooted over to hug the passenger door just as it opened and she all but fell out of the police cruiser. Thank goodness hands caught her since hers were handcuffed behind her back.

     “Hi, Frankie. How have you been? I heard you were back in town. Um, teaching at the high school.”

     “Hey, Dave. Was. Got fired yesterday. Seems they got an anonymous tip that I had a record. Tell me you’re not still partners with— well, hell, yes you are.”

     Frankie thought it was cruel that her ex was even better looking today than he was seven years ago when she fell in love with him. Tall, dark and ratfink, that was him. He walked his muscular body right in front of her and stepped closer than he needed to, closer than he should have, trying to intimidate her. Did he remember how well they used to fit together? His cold green gaze said he remembered everything. And it meant nothing to him. She should have been ready for that, but wasn’t. It cut deep.

     “Francine Hart. You have the right to remain silent—”

      She head butted him. Hard. “So do you, Officer Hart.” The shooting pain in her head reminded her why she hadn’t been making any sudden movements with her head, and then Officer Hart, her ex-husband, was wearing her tequila shots and bean burrito down the front of his crisp police uniform. Who said reunions weren’t fun?

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