Monday, November 18, 2013

Almost There

On Writing: I am almost there on my Golden Heart entry. I would like to shorten my synopsis by a page, but it will work if I can't. My partial is now at 51 pages with the hook at the end, but the last two pages need some cleaning up. Just a punch up of a few lines so they are more "hooky." Then I have to still add a scene to the full, but then I think it's ready. Of course, I still have to run it through my edit list from the Angela James "Before You Hit Send" class and read it aloud.

My sister is here visiting from up north, so I try to work on writing for only a few hours a day so we can spend time together. I think I'll get up early tomorrow a.m. to get some extra time in before she wakes up, though since I'd really like to get this GH contest entry finished and submitted.

On life: Time to clean house to get ready for our Thanksgiving guests. And get the menu and shopping list together. And maybe run the china through the washing machine. And polish the silverware. Figure out seating for our family of 6, plus 4 from my sister's family, and 2 of my husband's friends from work. I think we have 10 chairs for 12 people, but we do have a piano bench that can fit one normal or two skinny people. We've got some skinny people, but they've got long arms and sharp pointy elbows too, so not sure two of them will work on the piano bench.


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