Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Contests and Cold Weather

On Writing: I'm thinking about entering the Golden Heart contest. It opened up yesterday and although it doesn't provide feedback, just being a finalist is a big happy deal. I'm getting both manuscripts ready just in case. Bringing Delaney Home is ready to go. I spent time working on cleaning her up yesterday and shortening/tightening my synopsis some more. Today, I'll work on Why Can't This Be Love? This will be more challenging because they say "end on a hook." But my hook ends on page 53. The combined entry of synopsis + m/s = no more than 55 pages. That would mean a 2 page synopsis. Right now my synopsis is 4.5 pages. I think I need the synopsis closer to 3 pages and need to edit my m/s pages to get the hook on page 52. That's my goal today. Anyone else thinking about entering the Golden Heart?

On Life: A cold front moved in yesterday. We even had freezing rain last night for a bit. It was 28 degrees this morning. Brrr. Although I grew up in the Northeast with cold winters, I've lived in AZ for 5 years, TX for 2, and NC for 10 and I've grown spoiled with moderate winter temps. I don't like being cold. The only thing I really miss about a colder winter is the "potential for snow." Not necessarily snow itself, mind you. Sure, everything is beautiful and peaceful looking covered in snow, but then you have to shovel it. No, what I really miss is the anticipation of snow. Hearing the weather forecast call for potential snow, and stocking up on fun things like hot chocolate, bread and hearty meals. And the feeling in the air the night before, like an electrified silence. Going to bed wondering what you'll wake up to. And if the snow falls, that safe feeling you have of being hunkered down inside with people you love. That's what I miss about living in the South.

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