Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Where did Thanksgiving go? Wow, I was so busy cooking all day I didn't even have time to call or text my siblings until today. As much as I like gathering with family and the traditional meal, I really hate spending all day in the kitchen. One day, when all our kids are grown and married, I think we'll move to a more pot luck style Thanksgiving meal where each family member brings a dish so no one is stuck in the kitchen for too long.

My sister and her three kids are visiting and my dad and his fiancé will stop by today for a few hours on their way from Charlotte back up to PA. Love visiting with family!

On Writing: No writing while visiting family is here. Hope to get back to it tomorrow. I did enter the Golden Heart contest for the first time this year, and need to read over my synopsis, partial and full again before the 12/13 deadline. I am so ready to start a new manuscript. Congrats to all the writers wrapping up NaNo! I'm jealous I couldn't participate this year (too many relatives during the month.) Luckily, I did my own NaNo in August. But there is a special camaraderie during NaNo that is unlike the usual writer's life.

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