Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nada, Zip, Zilch. Yet Success.

On Writing: None. Not a word. Yet. I could still scratch something out tonight. I did come up with an idea for one of the other brothers in my series. So there's that.

On Life: Spent the day doing errands. I did do a short grocery trip, got my hair cut, picked up son #2's Rx at the pharmacy, got paint samples for the dining room, went over to the furniture refinisher's house and picked the stain for our dining room table and china cabinet, edited a paper for daughter #1, answered a survey for daughter #2 and spoke to Bella's Vet about this epic battle the two of us have been having.

I think I've mentioned my saga with the Vet. It turned a bright corner today and he is willing to change how he medicates our dog Bella who has Addison's disease. I'm pretty sure he's waiting to see if it works, but I have to give him credit for being open-minded and trying it. (Even if I had to drag him every step of the way.) If this newer method works, (and it does on many other A-dogs) then not only will Bella feel better and cost us less money for treatment, but he can use this on his other A-dog patients. So, tomorrow Bella gets her monthly shot and we're reducing it by 25%. We'll check the electrolytes on day 14 and 25 after her shot and if all looks good, her shot the next month will reduce another 25%. Really excited to see how Bella will feel on this lower dose.

After I get back from the Vet with Bella tomorrow...writing will commence and it will be prolific. Seriously. I kid thee not.

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