Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Planes, Trains and Automobiles"

On Writing: Although I did get a lot of work done today, it was editing my partial, full and synopsis, so it didn't really feel like much got done. Yet, my brain is mush after reading and editing some of my m/s in triplicate. Harlequin author Sarah M. Anderson spent the week generously explaining and answering questions on revisions over at the Harlequin community boards. She talked about how you know when you're done revising and it's time to send a m/s out in the world. Sarah said for her, it's when her own writing begins to sound like dreck and she's sure she sucks. I'm so there on my current m/s. I need to finish getting it ready for the GH so I can move on to something new.

On Life: I'm not even a "foodie" but I love Thanksgiving. Mostly, the gathering of family and the time to be thankful for the bounties in life. But there is a comfort in traditional family recipes. We have mac n' cheese, stuffing, and roll recipes that our family loves. We HAD a jello salad recipe we grew up with, but none of the next generation likes it much, so it hasn't been made the last few years. We just have fun being together, really. Along with all of our own kids (yes, even son #1 got leave from the AF!) my sister and her three kids, this year my Dad and his fiancĂ© will visit the day after Thanksgiving, so that will make it extra special.

 I hope y'all have happy plans for Thanksgiving with people you like and love! I'm off to watch my favorite pre-Thanksgiving movie, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."


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