Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Menu

On Life: Today I need to write up the menu/shopping list for Thanksgiving. Our family, like many I'm sure, usually does the same dishes for the holidays every year. Each dish is wrapped up in childhood memories, so it makes it very hard to take it off the table and replace it with something new. (aka people get upset.)

We'll mix it up a little by using the smoker this year along with the usual oven-roasted turkey. We're thinking of smoking some beef briquette and a smaller turkey. The standard pumpkin and apple pies, of course. My favorite, coconut custard pie, is harder to find in stores down south, and I'm afraid to make one from scratch because the store-bought ones are the ones that remind me of my mother and taste pretty yummy too.

On Writing: I'd like to wrap up Why Can't This Be Love? as I'm anxious to move on to a new WIP. I think it's time to set WCTBL? to the side to marinate for a bit to get some distance from it. You know, like a couple sometimes needs time apart, so when they get back together they appreciate each other even more and can look at them with fresh eyes and a clearer head? I've got some ideas for the next brother's story, but I need to get going on it because if the brother is really who he is telling me he will require a little rewriting of the first two books in this series to accommodate him. I wish he had spoken up sooner, but he's the strong silent type apparently. ;)   

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