Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting Ready For the New Year

On Writing and Life: I'm beginning to come up with my list of goals for 2014. Yes, I know, it isn't even Christmas yet. But I want to have clear goals for the New Year. And not just goals that I came up with on the 31st, as if on a whim. I mean concrete goals that I've thought about and can even plan how to go about them. I'm not ready to write them down yet, but I'll think about them as I clean and bake and wrap over the next few days. Are you already thinking about your fresh start in the new year?


  1. Hey Lee I am planning on making myself a lovely colour coordinated all singing and dancing writing timetable for next year with really defined goals as to what I want to write with realistic deadlines. Fingers crossed 2014 is your year and the goal of being published is achieved!! Hope you have a wonderful Xmas and hang in there with some of that life stuff. (you sound like a great supportive mum) Nina x

    1. Nina, thanks for your encouraging words. Navigating some of this "life stuff" is tough, but hopefully we'll all come out stronger in the end. Like the way steel is made.

      Hearing about your color-coordinated timetable for your next year's goals has me excited to finish mine now. I think the realistic deadlines is key. Would love for us both to be published in 2014! Merry Christmas to you too!