Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gotta Have Faith

I'm going to get a lot done today and none of it includes writing. And why no writing? Because I finished my book yesterday! Ha! I just wanted to say that one more time. No, today is about catching up on all those household jobs and Christmas prep that got put off while writing like mad.

1. Food shopping. Yes, the cupboards are bare.
2. Clean.
3. Start Christmas baking.

I think I'll get through most of 1&2 today. My favorite cleaning music is George Michael's Faith album. I like the concept...You've got to have faith. In something bigger than yourself. For me that's God. In Love. For me that's my family and friends. In yourself. For me that's this writing journey I'm on, but also the causes I believe in. Okay, I'm off to be a shopping and cleaning machine today.

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