Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's Beginning to Look...

...okay, a little like Christmas, not a lot. Yet. Out of my list of 3 things to-do yesterday, I accomplished one of them. We did a big stock up food shopping trip at the commissary. We've got my sister and her three kids coming back for Christmas and oldest son was able to get leave from his AF base in MS, so we'll have a full house to feed for a week.

No Christmas baking yet, but I did get the house vacuumed and yesterday we went and got our tree. Yes, we still do live trees, messy but they smell sooo good.  This morning we put it up and strung the lights. We'll add the ornaments when a few of the kids are around to help. I did hang the stockings on the mantel and set up the nativity scene on the foyer table, so I may be late, but I'm getting there.

On Writing: I think I'll just spend the next week brainstorming ideas for my next project. I've got an idea for the next Cates brother (my series.) Ideally, though, I'd like to come up with something completely different. Oooh, plus, I get to pick a new spiral for my next WIP. Here's the post where I explain my love of spiral notebooks:  My "Harriet the Spy" Spirals .

On Life: Some days you just try to do the very best you can. Today, in respect to #2 son, is one of those days. I have no answers for him. And many days it seems like I'm trying to help him more than he is. I hate those days.


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