Friday, December 13, 2013

Stick a Fork in It!

On Writing: I'm done. Finally. I finally finished adding the 10k I needed to my m/s Why Can't This be Love? Holy cow that seemed to take forever! I think the problem was I originally wrote it to be a series length book. It is part of a series of my 5 Cates brothers from Climax, NC. So, it was originally about 55k. And then I got a judge's opinion in a contest from the first book I wrote in the series, Bringing Delaney Home, that she wasn't sure my voice was a good fit for a series book. Sounded more ST to her. So, I entered WCTBL? into its first contest as a ST entry to help get a second opinion...and it finaled. Delaney has finaled as a series entry and WCTBL? as a ST entry. I'm not really sure where my voice fits. I will need to puzzle this out. Or attempt to get an agent and let them help me figure it out...that is next on my list anyway.

But, back to the big news...WCTBL? is finished and entered into the Golden Heart contest with just hours to spare. This is the first year I've ever entered the GH, so it should be quite a learning experience. I've signed up to judge too and I'm pretty excited about that. I've read that it's not only fun, but a great learning tool.

On Life: I need to catch up on house cleaning and get some decorations up. Come up with a shopping list for any Christmas baking. Actually do some baking. Address the Christmas cards. Get gifts for our nieces and nephews. Okay, poor Bella has been so patient sitting with me all afternoon while I finished my book and uploaded my contest entry. Time to take her out to run!

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