Friday, July 19, 2013

July = The Tour

One thing our whole family loves about July is watching the Tour de France. When my husband and I first started dating he did bike races and triathlons. We've watched the Tour as long as I can remember. Our kids watch the tour. I'm pretty sure our kids' kids (when they have them) will watch the tour. I think part of what I like about it is the fact that a month long race takes patience and endurance. The riders can't ever have a day when they give up, or they've lost their chance at the Tour.

It's such a visible reminder to me of how to tackle goals in life. Give it everything you have that day. Wake up and do it again. And again. It reminds me that it isn't always the most talented who succeed, but those with talent and perseverance who cross the finish line first. And boy is perseverance so important in writing. Yesterday, as I mentioned in my last post, was my first ever pitch to an editor. I can happily report it went well-- got a full request, so, yes I have work to do. But, two things struck me during the process... first, the amazing support and camaraderie of all the women pitching. Wow. Supportive doesn't begin to express it. Second, was the perseverance of many of these unpublished authors. They have been plugging away, writing, pitching, sending manuscripts, and getting "R"s for years in some cases and still....wake up and do it again. And again. A shining example of what it takes.

Changing topics...yesterday we put together our first "smoker." Tomorrow we will attempt to make our first smoked pulled BBQ. I'll let you know how it goes....

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