Saturday, July 27, 2013

Official Fruit Cutter

I have discovered I am the official fruit cutter in my family. Apparently, no one else in the family can cut fruit. I must be the only one certified in sharp knife wielding skills. It happens that my family loves fruit. My husband buys watermelons, pineapples, cantaloupes, get the picture. And all of this said-fruit comes into the kitchen and sits. Either on the counter or in the fridge. Until I cut it up. Once it's cut, it disappears quickly- like magic. Now, I'm not complaining. I have accepted my role as the official fruit cutter in the family. I mean, my husband is the official oil changer and maintenance upkeep guy of our cars, right? He keeps us driving safely, and I keep everyone from getting scurvy. It works for us. There are only 2 problems with me being the only fruit cutter of the family...
1) First, what will happen to the kids when they go out on their own? I can sadly picture them buying a pineapple, bringing it home to sit on their kitchen counter, and waiting...looking at it wistfully every so often and...nothing. Obviously, I will have to teach each of them to cut fruit. I must pass on my fruit cutting knowledge to the next generation, so their children's children can one day eat fruit too.
2) Second, the sad results when I am busy. I just spent an intense 4 days doing final edits on my MS for a submission. Fun fact: fruit does not cut itself. The lovely looking pineapple sitting on the kitchen counter was a little too ripe at the end of the 4 days. The asparagus didn't make it either.
Did I mention there is guilt involved in being the official fruit cutter in the family? I feel like I committed fruit and vegetable abuse.

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