Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Traditions (aka How We Gain 5 lbs Over the Holidays)

My husband's family is Czech. He and his sister are the first generation born in America. So, along with that come many yummy Czech recipes...because boy, do the Czechs like their food, and it's pretty damn tasty. When we finally got all the kids home on Friday, my husband cooked his favorite Czech meal, Svickova na Smetane with Houskove Knedliky. Rough translation: Beef tenderloin with bread dumplings and an awesome gravy that takes many hours and many ingredients to prepare. But sooooo totally worth it. The kids love it too, especially the two oldest as they have both visited Prague and eaten yummy Czech food. We couldn't afford to cook this until just a few years ago (the meat is very $$$) but it has become a Christmas tradition our family loves.

Next on the list is the Czech Christmas cookies. #2 son cracked all the hazelnuts yesterday and ground them up last night, so we're all ready to make the dough today. The Vanilkove Rohlicky cookies are everyone's favorites.

Today, we're working on our new, yet fast becoming a favorite, family tradition...smoking meat. Threw a pork shoulder on the smoker about two hours ago and will be eating BBQ sandwiches and cole slaw for dinner tonight. Christmas day will see us eating the traditional ham dinner, but we might try smoking the ham this year.

Sending warm thoughts and prayers to all our military members stationed throughout the world who can't be with their families and loved ones this Christmas. I so very much appreciate the sacrifice they and their families make for us.

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