Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Need a Trope

On Writing: I'm  starting to throw ideas around for my next book in my series of brothers. I need to pick which brother is next and a favorite romance trope since my first two have been anything but standard romance tropes. Secret baby? Friends to lovers? Secretly in love with the boss? Marriage of convenience?

I had very good progress (finally!) on my synopsis yesterday. I would like to edit it down another 300-500 words. And add in a few lines to hint at the humor. But this one, in all its sloppiness, could work in a pinch. So, I'll spend a little more time on it today, but then might put it aside to write the extra 13k I need for the m/s. My incentive to get that 13k done in the next week is it frees me up to do a mini NaNo before all our relatives arrive toward the end of Nov.

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