Friday, October 18, 2013

"Ice Cold Bohemian Style Beer"

The leaves are starting to change in our neck of the North Carolina woods. I love this time of year. Except to my husband, this time of year means over-seeding the lawn. Over-seeding the lawn means laying down topsoil. Six. Yards. Of. Topsoil. I like to think of this as a functional workout. Shoveling dirt works out your arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and quads. We'll blast some music from the garage stereo to make it go faster. And I can work on mentally plotting/planning my next WIP while I'm working ;) . I'm all about silver linings.

Writing To-Do List:
#1 Synopsis for Why Can't This Be Love?.
#2 Edit and add to WCTBL? I'm not happy with the ending, so I need to work with it a bit.
#3 Begin brainstorming/plotting for my next book.
#4 Write a query letter for Bringing Delaney Home. The full of Delaney has actually been with an editor for not quite three months now. I'm going to get a query letter ready so I'm ready to send her out once I hear back. (I like to prepare for worst case scenario and be happily surprised if it isn't needed.) *I just realized I finally have some bling to add to my query since Delaney has now finaled in a contest.

Okay, I need to get going on this to-do list, since later this afternoon I'll be working. Shoveling dirt.
Fun fact: Drinking beer is a functional workout too. Yup, biceps :) .

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