Wednesday, October 16, 2013


On Writing: I am double posting today to say the first cut in the SYTYCW2013 took place today. They selected the Top 50 chapters out of 650. Mine was not one. And I'm okay with that. Like I said in an earlier post: win/win scenario. The list of all 50 will be out next week, but I do know that some of my favorite chapters were selected, so it'll be easy to root them on towards the Top 10. And it's good to see strong writers succeed.

Silver linings:
~I met lots of great women that I now consider friends.
~the m/s I thought I was going to enter, but didn' better because of it.
~the m/s I did enter is stronger because of it.
~I was able to get my 1400 word synopsis for m/s entered down to 750 words. Which I previously couldn't do. Nothing like pressure to help get something accomplished.
~I've connected with my second critique partner. Yay! That alone was worth the price I paid...what was that? Oh, yeah, here's another beautiful silver lining...
~all of these great things were FREE. Yup, no entry fee, but quite the mother lode of benefits!

So, a big congratulations to, yes the Top 50, but to all 650 writers who took a risk and put their work up there for all to read and critique. Because that's what writers do. And it's not always easy. The amount of talent in all those chapters was ridiculous! Be proud people, go forth and write some more!

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