Monday, October 21, 2013

To NaNo or Not to NaNo?

On Writing: I've actually only participated in one Nano during which I wrote my first full manuscript. It's a YA, not a romance, that I still like and hope to edit and do something with one day. I sorta did my own version of NaNo during the month of August. I wrote my romance manuscript Why Can't This Be Love? in just over a month. I think it took me the first week of September too, although I'm still not satisfied with the ending.

So...I was just starting to get excited for participating in NaNo this year, when it dawned on me that I don't think I can due to visitors and the Thanksgiving holiday. To be clear, I am very excited about sharing time and holidays with people I love!! One sister will visit the week before Thanksgiving and another sister and her three kids will be here during Thanksgiving. Plus #1 son is coming home from his Air Force base in Mississippi and possibly my dad and his fiancé will be stopping by for a night on their way to Charlotte before the holiday.

But the writer in me is still disappointed I might miss NaNo. My other NaNo limitation is I don't think I can start a brand new WIP yet. I have to add 13k to a m/s. I will attempt to do that this last week of Oct, but since we are travelling this weekend, not sure I'll be successful with that. Not to be deterred...I think I will do my own "mini-NaNo" during the first two weeks of November and I'll either aim for that 13k I need, or if by some miracle I get that done then I can start a new WIP during my mini-Na(1/2of)No. That's my plan. Now to hammer out that synopsis (No. Insert eye roll here. It still isn't finished.) and the 13k.

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