Saturday, August 31, 2013

Did You Ever Have One of Those Days?

I think I'm having one. One of those days when no matter what you do, it's always wrong. You know how I was excited to have #2 daughter come home for a visit? Yeah, well, it's not even noon and I've already pissed her off. I'm pretty sure she's ready to drive back to school. And #1 daughter too, come to think of it. They don't seem to realize the value of money. When you live paycheck to paycheck, it's hard to see the kids think nothing of wasting their parents' money. So, neither girl enjoyed the lecture about money. And, I just sent an email with unsolicited advice to #1 son on problems he's having. You know when you see your children making the same mistakes that lead them to failure's frustrating. So, 3 out 4 children surveyed in this house would probably be happy if I just was quiet today. Which I might just do. I probably should just write today since I'm batting .750 with pissing the kids off today.

On Writing: So, I have two options to look at this as my August writing goal comes to a close.

#1 I didn't meet my goal to finish the rough draft. I started with 9.5k and my overall goal was to write 50k. I ended up with a grand total of 30,597 words written during August (not including today, and I do plan on writing today!) A little disappointing.

#2 Wow, I wrote over 30k words during the month of August! I only have 15k to go to finish my WIP. (That averages to over 1k/day.) Considering how long I had set this m/s to the side while editing Delaney, pretty exciting!

Considering, I'm having "one of those days"...I'm going to go with option #2.

AWG: DWC: 708 TWC: 40, 118

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