Thursday, August 8, 2013

Halfway Dialed In

On writing: Okay, not too shabby of a wc day considering I didn't even get to start writing until after 5 pm, and had to stop to make chicken Caesar salad for dinner. But, in order to come close to my writing goal, I didn't have time to do the on-line Scrivener video/assignment, so I am behind in that. Tomorrow (today, actually as it's just past midnight est) I need to go shopping for #2 daughter's college dorm, then to the dr's office to pick up her x-ray for the AF. Then, home to write. And work on my Scrivener class. This is not yet going according to my Reese's Plan. Instead of my daily writing goal mixing smoothly with my on-line Scrivener class like the glorious way a Reese's combines chocolate and peanut butter...I feel like the chocolate and peanut butter are sitting on opposite sides of the table and I'm only eating out of the peanut butter jar, so far. I'm halfway dialed in.

Today's scene was a turning point/black moment for my heroine. I'll have to reread it tomorrow to see if I've overdone it. But I don't think so.

AWG: DWC: 1,516 TWC: 20,092

 Edited: Sorry for any confusion, but when I posted after midnight last night I thought it would be dated for today's post. Looking this morning, this post was dated yesterday, so I deleted it and reposted it under today's date. That is all. Carry on.

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