Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Yes, we had rain pretty much all day yesterday. Luckily it was only a light rain on the almost 2 hour drive to daughter #2's college. Then there was a window of no rain while we got all of her boxes in the dorm, so we had that going for us. Heavier rain on the drive home and then pouring rain once home. Looks like another rainy day today if the sky is anything to go by. It's just been a very rainy summer here in NC. It sure beats the drought we've had the last few summers though, so I'll try not to complain too much. Silver lining: Hope the wet summer means prettier fall foliage.

Today, the plan is to  move around a little furniture. Our basement project is almost finished, so I get to move into my writing room! I've got boxes of books, spirals, notebooks, files, and index cards to move down there. We're also going to set up a place for #2 son to study on the first floor (aka not up in his bedroom where he can watch TV or play computer games) So, we'll move a couch out of the family room down to the basement, and move the desk from daughter #2's room down into family room and set up his computer. So, lots of moving and shuffling of things today.

We bought some peaches at the farmer's market in Raleigh on the way home from the college move yesterday. So, there is the possibility of making a peach cobbler, too...

On writing: I didn't think I'd get any writing done yesterday with the move, but I did sneak in a very little at the end of the day. I am behind on my August writing goal. I really need to step it up this week. I am totally behind on my on-line Scrivener class, so at this point will probably just have to download and save all of the lectures to watch once my WIP is complete.

AWG: DWC: 364 TWC: 29,535

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