Friday, August 2, 2013

News, the Good Kind

Good news. #1 son who drove off Sunday night for his first AF base and assignment in MS is doing well. Always what a mama wants to hear. Now, he's not a shy guy, but he was a little scared and lonely heading out to a place where he knows no one. But, after only 3 days, he is meeting the people he'll be working with and fitting in nicely. He usually calls at the end of his work day with some funny stories to tell. So, yay. He is still in training, and his job at this stage still has a high washout rate, so it especially helps if the people training him like him at the start.

The other three kiddos should be home tomorrow. The twins are taking the train home which was 3 hours late getting them there, so crossing my fingers for no problems on this return trip.

On the writing front, today I write the first scene where my heroine's sister shows up. I'm pretty sure I know what she's like. I know her motivation, and her goal, and her conflict...but sometimes when these characters show up in a scene their personalities are surprising. So, I'm looking forward to that. It should definitely be easier than yesterday's love scene. (which I still have to reread to see if I have any wandering body parts.)

Off to work. I hope everyone has a great day! It feels full of promise, doesn't it?

August Writing Goal (AWG): DailyWC: 1,694  TotalWC: 12,874

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